Graphviz Software Review

Graphviz Software Review

GraphViz is a useful tool for modeling and solving optimization problems. Free package of graph drawing utilities. GraphViz is used to display network structures, graphs can show the logical circuit system in a company, and so on. The working principle in GraphViz is quite simple. The parameters are set in the text file using the simple Dot description language.

There are several programs in the GraphViz package, each of which implements a drawing algorithm. The utility has a wide range of uses. It is great for creating documentation and various graphics. After installing the program in Windows, the gvedit application appears in the Start menu, which is a graphical interface to the installed software package.


The program contains several tools for building graphs. “Dot” draws the graph in the specified order. Twopi uses radial construction where the vertices are positioned on concentric circles. Circo uses connected vertices in a circle. “Neato” – used if the created graph contains only 100 nodes. “Fdp” is a tool for creating an undirected graph based on the fdp model. “Sfdp” – scaled variation of fdp for marking up large graphs

Moreover, Graphviz has several additional benefits for giving graphs functionality. For example, you can choose the font, color palette, tabular node layouts, line styles, hyperlinks, and custom shapes for a particular chart.


When choosing the format for recording the resulting graph, an interesting point is an svg format in the Output File Type field. The svg format is a vector format, files in this format can be edite using, for example, Inkscape. Also note the vector format emf, which allows you to embed and resize pictures in Word without losing quality.

GraphViz is one of the best tools for automatic visualization of graphs given as a text description.

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